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Macron camp opposes candidacy of former PM Valls

13 Mai 2017

Manuel Valls, a former French Socialist prime minister, said on Tuesday that he wished to support president-elect Emmanuel Macron's political movement in the June elections in the lower house of parliament.

The Socialists, whose term in government comes to an end in tandem with the departure of President Francois Hollande, have traditionally disputed power with the centre-right for the past half century.

Webber said: "Adam's extremely clear writing and analysis impressed me immediately: his eye for human detail and careful examination of the stages of the Macron surge add a thrilling dimension to this tale of unexpected political victory".

Mr. Macron, though the victor of the presidential election on Sunday, could be facing an uphill battle next month as many doubt his new party, Le Republique En Marche!, will be able to form a majority in the National Assembly.

If Macron cannot form a majority he may be forced to incorporate members of the establishment parties, which could severely limit his ability to govern domestically.

Emmanuel Macron was confronted on Monday with pressing reminders of the challenges facing him as France's next president, even as allies and some former rivals signaled their willingness to work closely with him.

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The president-elect is left-leaning - a one-time Socialist party member - and was a senior advisor to Hollande and an economy minister in his government 2014-2016.

Francois Baroin, head of the Republicans' parliamentary election team, said on Tuesday they would abandon key proposals that their unsuccessful presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, stood for.

But the party has yet to pick dozens of other candidates for the 577 seats at stake in the June elections, hoping more politicians from other parties will switch sides.

Republicans grandee Alain Juppe said the party should not adopt a policy of "systematic obstruction" of Macron if it failed to win a majority.

But Le Pen's historic score of 33.9 per cent, or 10.6 million votes, showed the far right to be a formidable force in a country wracked by concern over immigration, national identity and globalisation. "We have to help France succeed and help vital reforms succeed".

Macron camp opposes candidacy of former PM Valls