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Leaked images meant for a different PC MMO

13 Mai 2017

A leak of image Wild West was mistaken for Rockstar's upcoming open world western action-adventure Red Dead Redemption 2.

Wild West Online is a new MMO that is heading to Kickstarter later this month and it is looking unbelievable. Stephan Bugaj, creative vice president of their publishers and part-owners DJ2, has been speaking with PC Gamer about the project. The developers at 612 Games even openly admit that the original Red Dead Redemption is a driving inspiration as members at the studio ultimately got exhausted of waiting for the game to arrive on the PC.

No doubt many PC gamers were disappointed that Red Dead Redemption never made it to the PC.

Apparently, Wild West Online won't be a conventional MMO; instead, each one of its individual "server shards" will end up holding several hundred people instead of thousands, and those players will be forced to cooperate or die trying.

There's also a law system in place to ensure those who commit crimes in towns will earn wanted stars and eventually become targets for bounty hunters or player deputies.

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In fact, the screen is from Wild West Online, now early in development at a new studio named 612 Games.

Wild West Online is expected to come out later this year if the Kickstarter fund goes according to plan so keep checking back for more on info.

Train robberies might also be a part of the game if it does well enough to reach the $1.75 million stretch goal once it hits Kickstarter later this month.

If a PC version is announced and released this year however, it's hard to see it not impacting the success of Wild West Online.

Leaked images meant for a different PC MMO