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Husband Slept In Same Room As Wife's Body For Six Days

13 Mai 2017

Now, the grieving husband's Facebook post about coping with his wife's death is going viral, with readers responding to both Davison's moving tribute to his late-wife and his broader discussion of how society deals with death.

The husband who slept in the same room as his wife's body for six days after she died has said he would recommend the experience to everybody.

Mr Davison said he washed and dressed his wife's body and placed it into a coffin - which he called a "cocoon" - in the couple's bedroom.

The pair decided that she would be treated at home by her family and that her body would remain in their home until her cremation.

Wendy Davison, 50, wife of Russell Davison, died in their house in Derby last month after she battled cervical cancer for 10-years.

But she shunned chemotherapy and radiotherapy and embraced "natural health", Mr Davison said.

In 2014, Mrs Davison was given six months to live, so the pair went travelling across Europe, where they had "the absolute time of our lives". Wendy was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2006 and was determined to leave her last breath at home.

But she was determined to die at home, and was nursed by Russell, her sons Luke and Dylan Nichols and Russell's sons Benjamin and Dominic Davison, until her death on April 21.

"As I told one friend, We are so into nature and everything it brings, there is nothing that could happen to Wendy's body that could frighten us".

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After her death the family expected only their spiritual friends to participate but in all 70 people joined a vigil talking about her life, having a laugh and lighting candles and incense. I am crying a lot less now though and am sure I will be okay in time. "We are fooling about television and movies and we think there is something scary in the dead bodies - there is not, I assure you", he adds.

"I did not want her in the mortuary or handed over to a funeral director", he wrote on Facebook.

Wendy Davison died at home and stayed with her loved ones before being cremated.

"Something very attractive happened in our house and I can't help feeling Wendy made that happen".

"Without exception everybody who has spent time with us and Wendy's body said how right it felt and how this should be the way we treat our dead - not sending them off to the funeral director as is pretty much always the custom now".

He said it was a "beautiful and comforting experience" to have family and friends over to see her during that time.

"It certainly did not used to be that way for our parents' generation".

"You have shown us exactly how to live and exactly how to die with grace, honour, love and beauty and I am so incredibly grateful to you for everything that you are and have been to me".

A celebration of Mrs Davison's life is being held at Derbyshire County Cricket Club on Sunday.

Husband Slept In Same Room As Wife's Body For Six Days