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Claims IndyRef2 may be halted by Tory boost 'ludicrous'

13 Mai 2017

Conservatives have made historic advances in local elections across the United Kingdom, gaining more than 500 councillors, winning tightly-fought battles for elected mayors in the West Midlands and Tees Valley and forcing Labour into third place in its former stronghold of Scotland.

"That being said, Mrs May and the Conservatives can afford to lose some Remain voters because, as the local elections showed, they are absorbing most of the Ukip vote and are on course for the type of victory last seen by Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher when they were at their peaks".

He said: "It's simply not good enough for a party that has been in opposition for seven years".

Liberal Democrats had a mixed election, failing to break through against the Tories in the south-west England battleground but making advances in some General Election target seats like Eastleigh and Wells.

Jeremy Corbyn's office are keen to find out just how much of this had been carried out in areas where council results were poor.

There have been predictions her majority could be 100, possibly even 150.

TV pundits made projections from the local votes to next month's general elections, estimating a Conservative majority of 48 seats in the House of Commons - well above the 330 seats in the last parliament, which had given the party a working government majority of just 17 seats.

The Tories have 464 councillors, a net gain of 125, while Labour has 322, a net loss of 65. Ukip results resemble a auto crash.

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May's party replaced Labour as the largest group in Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumberland and Derbyshire.

The Tories have gained massive ground from the UKIP and Labour but the party has chosen to strike a note of caution to prevent its prospective MPs becoming too complacent in the general election campaign.

The United Kingdom Independence Party won one new seat, and lost all 114 they were defending.

It became clear early on that the Conservatives were set to be the big winners in the local elections. However, May's tough-talking approach to Brexit appears to have translated into votes.

"We knew it was going to be a hard night". Ukip's reason for existing was to get Britain out of the European Union, and with that aim achieved - or at least in the process of being achieved - Brexit-backing voters have seemingly turned to the Tories to see it through.

"We have got what we wanted, but unfortunately we have been in a sense the victims of our own success", she told Sky News. "We did hear coming back from the doorsteps a message from traditional Labour voters that, in a campaign overshadowed by national issues, they are not feeling confident the party is strong in the Labour values".

But defence secretary Michael Fallon said Tories were winning over voters from all the other parties.

"It is awful what happened over the last 48 hours but time and time again in terms of the Labour party and our movement, when it is tough people stand up and get on with it".