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Moon vows to urgently address North Korea

12 Mai 2017

Moon will be officially sworn in as South Korea's new president after the election commission finishes the vote count and declares the victor Wednesday morning.

What takes priority, reconciliation with North Korea or economic hardship at home? Moon responded that he's aware of China's concerns and he hopes the two countries can have a greater understanding of each other's positions on the system, it said.

On the campaign trail, he has argued that South Korea has no choice but to recognise Kim Jong-un as the leader of its reclusive neighbour. They say Moon is more convenient for Kim because he may cause a split between South Korea and the U.S.

Liberty Korea was the hasty rebranding of the conservative Saenuri Party of disgraced former president Park Geun-hye - daughter of assassinated dictator Park Chung-hee - whose impeachment sparked the election.

"I will go to Beijing and Tokyo and, if the conditions are right, to Pyongyang also".

"It remains a concern that the left of centre, left-wing party in South Korea is going to do well", an unnamed US official told the South China Morning Post before Moon's election was confirmed.

President Moon's landslide victory still faces the aftermath of political corruption, but he is also challenged by the looming issue of North Korea's recent missile and nuclear tests.

Throughout his campaign, the new South Korean president had insisted that the new Seoul government must be given a chance to review and possibly reconsider the agreement reached by the former administration on the deployment of the USA missile defense system, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). But challenging Washington over THAAD might be hard for Moon.

Nouvelle procédure disciplinaire ouverte contre l'OL
Ils sont en effet sous le coup d'un sursis depuis le match aller contre Besiktas . A noter, que la situation sera examinée par l'UEFA le 20 juillet prochain.

Trump administration officials may worry about Moon's softer approach to North Korea, but they also likely know he won't push for any radical policies on the North or any other issues that would hurt the decades-long alliance.

The new South Korean president requested that Germany help his country in resolving the North Korean nuclear issue, noting the European country had played a pivotal role in ending Iran's nuclear ambitions. The likely victor could be Moon Jae In of the Democratic Party.

"The talk about a South-North summit is a little premature, but regardless of that, there's a need for a summit meeting", Suh said.

"I take this office empty-handed, and I will leave the office empty-handed", President Moon said during his May 10 inauguration speech, according to Reuters.

Moon added that he would have "serious negotiations" with the United States and China over the controversial deployment of anti-missile system Thaad.

The missile test was carried amid China's vociferous protests over THAAD interceptor missiles in South Korea, whose powerful radars could see through most of part of China including its missile development programme. "For peace on the Korean Peninsula, I will do everything that I can do".

Economically, Xinhua argues, South Korea should look to Beijing and not Washington for expanded opportunity: "With China being the country's largest trading partner and a major source of its trade surplus, it is apparently desirable for the new South Korean leader to join hands with China and work for constant improvement in their ties". The panel claimed that the Japanese state and military were involved in the recruitment of comfort women, and that Japan must be held legally responsible for the inhumane action. In addition, the US armed forces recently carried out joint exercises with South Korea's military. Moon has called for a renegotiation of the pact.