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Microsoft shows 'versatile' Windows update

12 Mai 2017

As with other Windows 10 updates, this update will be free for existing Windows 10 users.

Microsoft has been hard at work finishing the packaging of their latest Creator's update for Windows 10 - the Fall Creator's Update. The new design language is codenamed Project NEON, and it brings a lot of changes to the user interface in Windows 10.

A handful of new features will try to bridge the gaps between Windows 10 and devices running iOS and Android. Just install the Xamarin Live Player app on your iOS device, pair it to your PC and you're ready to go.

However, as pretty much expected, Microsoft has mentioned that to completely experience this feature, third-party apps will have to use easy to implement APIs. And lastly, OneDrive Placeholders are making a comeback, but they have a new name: OneDrive Files On-Demand.

One of the first apps to "give people a sense of what's possible with the Fall Creators Update", is Windows Story Remix. Plus, the app will let you insert 3D objects into your photos and videos.

Microsoft is trying to make its personal computer-bound operating system useful on the smartphone.

The Windows 10 UI will get a new coat of paint, too.

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A member of Cirque du Soleil demonstrates use of Microsoft's HoloLens device in helping to virtually design a set at the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference, Thursday, May 11, 2017, in Seattle.

Microsoft also announced update to Ink, its software which enables most functions to be operated with a pen.

The team is also working on XAML Standard, a version of the interface markup language that's created to span iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform.

Microsoft also introduced a mixed-reality controller that will work with virtual-reality goggles being developed by hardware makers using the company's software. Microsoft stated that developers in the US and Canada can pre-order an Acer ($299 USD) or HP ($329 USD) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition starting today from the Microsoft Store for delivery later this summer. Acer Inc. will bundle the controller and the goggles for US$399 for the holiday shopping season, with pre-orders starting today.

So now Microsoft has announced that the iTunes desktop app will soon be on the Windows Store.

The company declined to say if those new Windows capabilities would be available to other web-based storage services from companies such as Box Inc. That means Apple Music, the iTunes Store and full support for the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Microsoft also stated that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store by the end of this year. The company revealed that it has been working with Apple to get iTunes on the Windows Store.