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Jeremy Corbyn Says A Labour Government Wouldn't "Hold Hands" With Donald Trump

12 Mai 2017

"The best defense for Britain is a government actively engaged in seeking peaceful solutions to the world's problems", he'll say.

Jeremy Corbyn is "simply not up to the job" of being prime minister and a Labour government would result in economic chaos, Theresa May has said.

In a speech to the Chatham House worldwide affairs think tank on Friday, Mr Corbyn will say he will do "everything necessary to protect the safety and security of our people and our country", should his party win power on 8 June.

In a further sign that the Prime Minister was putting her own personal appeal at the heart of her pitch to voters, the bus is emblazoned with the slogan Theresa May: For Britain, with the word Conservatives relegated to a small logo on the door.

"Pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability ..."

A draft of Labour's manifesto leaked on Wednesday night said the party would place "peace, universal rights and global law" at the heart of foreign policy, while committing to meeting the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target of spending 2% of GDP on defence and to maintaining the Trident nuclear deterrent.

"Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't strong leadership", Corbyn will say in a speech at the foreign policy think tank Chatham House in London, according to remarks emailed by his party.

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While successive Labour and Conservative governments have ended up involved in US-led conflicts in the Middle East, Corbyn suggested that a Labour government with him at the helm would do otherwise.

"But I am not a pacifist".

Mr Corbyn will use his speech to a leading worldwide affairs think tank to try to cast off his image as a pacifist unwilling to take military action while denouncing Mrs May's closeness to the Trump administration in Washington.

In a speech marking the mid-point of the campaign, she will reach out to disaffected Labour voters, saying many were "appalled" at the direction he was taking the party, while promising to "earn the trust of all our people" if she is returned to Downing Street on June 8.

"The war on terror which lies behind these interventions has failed", he will say in a thinly-veiled attack on Tony Blair.

The Conservative government in the United Kingdom, led by Theresa May, "is leading the country towards a disastrous hard Brexit from the European Union", the statement said, adding that the party's aim is "to make Britain a low-priced economy on the peripheries of Europe and to use the opportunity to drive down salaries, workers' rights and social spending".

He added: "It's nonsense - we know he wants scrap Trident, abandon our allies and would rather talk to Daesh than strike its barbaric leader".