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Comey firing compared to Nixon's 'Saturday Night Massacre'

12 Mai 2017

Like a number of his Democratic colleagues, Schumer suggested that Comey's firing came now because progress was being made in the investigation looking into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation.

"It gave the impression that he was no longer capable of carrying out his duties", one official said. Special counsels answer to the attorney general, points out a 2013 Congressional Research Service report on the subject. Sessions was the earliest - and for a time, the only - senator to endorse Trump. "What we don't yet fully understand is all the reasons why the Russians favored Donald Trump and whether members of his campaign assisted in the Russian operation to sway the election in his favor".

After finishing an interview with Fox News, Spicy Facts hid behind tall hedges on the White House grounds to avoid reporters who were eager to get to the press secretary after news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director had just been fired, the Washington Post reports. And for Trump to dismiss Comey now - while he was amping up the Russian Federation investigation - is alarming.

On Tuesday night, Warren spoke to MSNBC's Chris Hayes and said there was a pattern of people investigating Trump including former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, Preet Bahraha and Comey.

Democrats intensified accusations on Wednesday that Comey's removal was meant to undermine the FBI probe and demanded an independent investigation.

While the investigation hasn't closed shop "it's reasonable to question whether it can be as effective without a director of the FBI, or without even James Comey, as it would be with him", said Boag.

Mr Trump on Wednesday also defended the move to fire him, first on Twitter and later again when he appeared in the Oval Office with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. No matter what Kellyanne Conway says, the timing of terminating the head of the FBI during an investigation into the current administration over the issue of how he handled Hillary Clinton's emails is suspicious. So it would fall to Deputy AG Rosenstein to take this step, if it occurs.

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At the White House Wednesday, Huckabee Sanders chided the Democrats for suddenly taking Comey's side. Stunned aides scrambled to put together a plan to explain what happened.

The switch followed a disastrous impromptu news conference outside the White House Tuesday night in which Spicer hid behind some bushes until TV cameramen turned out their lights and agreed not to take video of the briefing.

An independent commissions, similar to the one created to investigate 9/11, would need Congress to approve funding for the investigation and to determine the details - including who would sit on the commission, the scope of the investigation and a deadline to release its findings.

Many questions remained about what caused Trump to move so quickly.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and others said Mr Comey's shock dismissal was the latest in a series of administration firings that raised red flags about the White House's commitment to probing Russian interference in last year's election, and possible Trump-Russia connections. The White House said the search for a replacement was beginning immediately. "As frightful as our president is, I'm so upset and furious at all the Republicans in power who aren't doing their job, and that's where my fury is".

"He wasn't doing a good job, very simply".