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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro launched in India for Rs. 27990

21 Avril 2017

So naturally, Samsung would have likely been able to post even greater profits for Q1 of this year if the Galaxy Note 7 issue didn't crop up, but thankfully it didn't impact the company that much. Back in January, Sammy launched the Galaxy C9 Pro in the same market, a phone that has received some reasonable praise in a market that is largely dominated by Xiaomi.

Amid a general increase in share price over the last few months, operating profit this year was up 48 per cent from 2016 at 9.9 trillion won ($8.7 billion, 8.2 billion euros), the company forecast.

The company has rapidly recovered from last year's costly failure of its fire-prone Galaxy Note7 device, despite a political scandal involving vice-chairman Lee Jae Yong, who faces charges including bribing ousted president Park Geun Hye.

However, despite rough recent quarters, Samsung has been able to generate strong results, owing to its components business. Samsung Securities Co., a financial arm of Samsung, forecast 45 million phones being sold overall.

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The report also states that Samsung also assigned build numbers for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 models, respectively N935LKLU2AQD2/ N935LLUC2AQD2/ N935LKLU2AQD2. Revenue rose 0.4 percent to 50 trillion won ($44.1 billion). To give this some context, this would become Samsung's second highest quarterly operating profit ever, beaten only by its 10.16 trillion won (~$9.34 billion) in Q3 of 2013. An issue that caused Samsung's own Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee to be arrested and he is now facing charges for bribing their former president Park Geun-hye.

From what appears from Samsung's media invite that it is likely to launch the Galaxy C7 Pro in India on Friday.

Growing demand for more firepower from devices such as smartphones and servers have also helped push up margins for Samsung and its rivals in recent quarters.

Lee, who was arrested in February, has been charged with paying almost US$40 million to the now-impeached president's close friend Choi Soon-Sil, allegedly as bribes to secure policy favours.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro launched in India for Rs. 27990