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Overhaul of visa program could pinch tech sector

21 Avril 2017

It's unclear how the program may change, but India's huge tech industry says America still has a shortage of skilled workers that the H-1B system was created to ease.

"In recent years, some employers have used the H-1B program to hire foreign workers despite American workers being qualified and available for work or even to replace American workers", the department said in a press release.

Though it may be crushing news for immigrants who hope to realize their "American dream" in the country, Trump described the action as a way of "using every tool at our disposal to restore our American dream". Since the H-1B visa category does not require the beneficiaries to be the most skilled or the highest paid workforce, it will take congressional intervention in the form of new legislation to change US immigration laws to carry out this request.

Martha Farmer, CEO of North Shore Innoventures, a business incubator for life sciences and bio-tech companies at Beverly's Cummings Center, said educated foreign workers increase innovation at US technology firms and contribute to local economies.

Tech advocacy group FWD.US said the announcement should improve the visa system for highly-skilled workers.

"The policy of our government", Trump declared, "is to aggressively promote and use American-made goods". The Chamber of Commerce added that it would be a "mistake to close the door on high-skilled workers" who can contribute to the growth and expansion of American businesses and make the US more competitive around the world.

Swaby, 43, said the district and the community have embraced the eight teachers who came with her on H-1B visas.

Although it doesn't stipulate any immediate modifications of the existing rules, the order specifically targets one of the visa programs, namely the H-1B temporary visas.

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Canadians firms have been closely watching Mr. Trump's immigration agenda, with some US industry analysts fearing restrictions on skilled worker visas may push technology workers north into Canada.

Other companies employing H-1B workers are outsourcing firms based in the United States, particularly IBM and Cognizant Tech Solutions Corp, as well as leading American technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Apple.

As Atkinson explains, a merit-based H-1B system could attract more people with advanced science and technology skills. These companies connect US technology firms with thousands of foreign engineers and programmers.

"The media talk about all of the workers going to Silicon Valley, but that's not the full narrative", she said.

Most employers in the state hiring foreign workers are filling jobs for programmers, software engineers, consultants and analysts, according to the Labor Department.

Federal prosecutors allege the company circumvented the requirements of the H-1B visa program by using a different category of visas, which only allow for temporary entrance to the US for limited business purposes.

"Companies may just say, 'If that's what it is, then maybe we should just open an office outside the United States, and then we just hire people there and bring people there where the restrictions are less severe, because in the end what we really care about is the talent, '" said Englert. "The best way to make America successful in this environment is to provide the technical capabilities that enable workers to win what is now a global contest for prosperity", Richard Secor, a Snap-on spokesman, said in an email. Under his plan, companies paying H-1B workers less than $100,000 will have to show they couldn't hire Americans for the same jobs.

"The teachers who are on H1B visas with city schools were hired to teach in high-need subject areas and are valuable members of the city schools community", said Anne Fullerton, a spokeswoman for the system. "Because it's vital to the tech industry and the nation's economy".

Overhaul of visa program could pinch tech sector