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IL lawmakers hear from Colorado legal weed regulator about recreational pot

21 Avril 2017

A total of 61 percent of respondents said that they think marijuana should be legal, which is an increase of five percent from last year's poll, and more than 20 points higher than 2011.

Support for marijuana legalization has never been higher.

Sixty-one percent of Americans think marijuana use should be legal, a five-point increase from previous year and the highest percentage ever recorded in this poll.

Medical marijuana is legal in 30 states and Washington, DC, while five states will vote to legalize recreational marijuana - and another four for medicinal use - in November.

The lift in support comes as many states have legalized marijuana in some form, CBS News noted in the poll released on Thursday.

The roughly $200 million in tax revenue from more than $1 billion in sales a year ago funds all that, she says, plus provides $40 million for schools.

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The growing acceptance of legal marijuana comes as states continue to challenge the federal government's insistence that marijuana is a risky drug with no therapeutic value and a high potential for abuse. One is the data when people are asked whether they think alcohol or marijuana is the more harmful drug.

With roughly 600,000 Americans facing pot charges every year, this year's landscape is very much a mixed big for backers of marijuana legalization.

The position is a reversal from the Obama administration's stance, which laid out in an official memo that the federal government wouldn't interfere in states where non-medical use of marijuana is allowed. Pot remains illegal in the eyes of the federal government, which classifies it the same as heroin.

IL lawmakers are learning more about what it takes to legalize marijuana for recreational use from the state that pioneered it - Colorado. Not here. That's some drop-off between the solidly pro-legalization 55-64 group and the anti-legalization 65+ group. Most Democrats and independents increasingly think marijuana use should be legal, while Republicans are divided.

As a result of this medical evidence I believe a substantial public education campaign will be needed to better educate citizens on the mental health risks that marijuana legalization presents to children and young adults.

"I had signed up on behalf of IL chiefs to speak and I was under the impression that I could speak about our position", he said. GOPers were split 46/49 on legalizing weed in CBS's data, tantalizingly close to majority support.

IL lawmakers hear from Colorado legal weed regulator about recreational pot