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General election is NOT about changing Government, says MP

21 Avril 2017

Weston, North Somerset and Wells constituency groups have now begun preparing for a gruelling seven weeks of campaigning - yet the snap election decision came as such a surprise, few have yet to identify their candidates.

It caught all media organisations in the United Kingdom (UK) offguard, including the establishment's British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and worldwide organisations.

The prime minister greeted Tajani with a handshake on the doorstep of Number 10, but the pair made no comment to waiting reporters.

When pressed on what the election was about, she said: "This election is about preventing the Tories (Conservatives) from getting such an overwhelming majority that there is no possibility of dissent in this country".

The Labour leader was pictured reading a book to a group of schoolchildren, and it's clear he makes for a very dramatic story teller. Recent polls show the Conservatives to be nine to 21 points ahead of the Labour party headed by Jeremy Corbyn. With the odds favouring the Conservatives to record an enhanced victory, Labour is shy to admit that an election at this stage will not suit the opposition party.

The opinion polls were wrong about the 2015 general election and the industry has yet to fully fix the problems that caused those inaccuracies.

May said that opponents were intent on "frustrating the Brexit process", even after Parliament authorized talks with the EU. Either way an SNP majority with a manifesto commitment to hold ScotRef before Brexit would destroy any claims about the SNP not having a mandate for a second Section 30 referendum. "Now we will be much freer", she told The Sun. Instead, almost all opinion polls gave former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton and the Democrats the nod as to who would become the 45th USA president.

Previewing Chicago Bulls-Boston Celtics first-round matchup
LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were rested as Deron Williams top-scored for Cleveland with 35 points, but he also had 10 turnovers. That's why Saturday afternoon was all about practice and preparation, and why Sunday afternoon will be all about Game 1.

The reverberations of the unexpected election outcome are still being felt today.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a diplomat from an European Union member state said that May "is completely right to call these elections now" as she could benefit from a favourable political context.

With May seen winning a new five-year mandate and boosting her majority in parliament by perhaps 100 seats, the pound held close to six-and-a-half month highs on hopes she may be able to clinch a smoother, more phased departure from the European Union and minimise damage to the United Kingdom economy. The incumbent party did not do well.

There was a short debate on the motion in the House of Commons to over-ride the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act, which would have seen an election being held only in 2020. For Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party have eight MPs, Sinn Fein, who don't take up their seats, four, the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) three and the Ulster Unionist Party two. The Lib Dems now have just nine seats in Parliament.

The Liberal Democrats won a ninth seat in parliament in a by-election in Richmond in December. It secured only eight seats, the lowest it ever garnered since 1992 when it first contested.

What is a "snap election"?

She, like her imaginary "Vote May for a Soft Brexit" poster, can not ever tell us the truth about these sorts of calculations, which is why she has to go on about mandates and negotiations so much. Favouring a referendum but having not worked out details will be a more hard sell for the party in an election.