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Cornell Professors to Participate in March for Science

21 Avril 2017

That number does not include unpermitted protests and others that have spontaneously unfolded in front of buildings, such as the U.S. Capitol and Environmental Protection Agency headquarters. Numerous marches outside DC also offer the opportunity to participate as a volunteer, or participate in outreach.

The March for Science is just the latest in a string of protests that simply will not stop inundating President Trump and his administration with citizen's political views on his policies, including the Women's March on Washington and the Tax Day Protest.

Not that it wasn't obvious in 1970.

All of these actions ignore that scientific research is a necessary government-backed activity.

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, became aware of the planned protest and contacted Caroline Weinberg and her team shortly after the announcement on Twitter.

Despite the political controversy, the March for Science website claims to be nonpartisan.

After the speakers, participants will collectively march across the Acosta Bridge, ending at the Museum of Science & History (MOSH) where additional Earth Day programming will take place including robotics, Science through the Decades demonstrations and a special program in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium.

The event grounds open at 8:00am on the National Mall, north of the Washington Monument.

Not everyone can make it to Washington, DC.

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It is the cornerstone of our understanding of the world. It is critically important that we recognize and sustain the integrity of the scientific process as we contemplate and evaluate decisions about our future.

One scientist blamed Al Gore for turning conservatives off from listening to the truth.

SCIENTISTS, academics, and members of the public across Scotland will challenge the climate denial policies and platform of the USA president Donald J Trump by launching a "March for Science" campaign this weekend.

Next month, people across the country will be demonstrating their support for science. And by the same token, those countries that fail to educate their children about the science of the future will not prosper.

People are gathering across the world to show support for science.

Which brings us back to People's Day. As in 1970, people all over the world are faced with a choice.

"The food we eat, the products we purchase, every single piece of technology and every medical miracle owes its existence to science; and right now they are actively rejecting science in terms of policy making and in terms of funding", Roeder said. Goldman hopes that people involved in the march continue to press Congress and speak out in their communities. That would serve only to undermine a central premise of the march: that scientific knowledge is apolitical. Lucky Tran, described by the Times as a molecular biologist and science communicator at Columbia University, sees the Science March as a necessary first step, one of many. Over 100 partner organizations have given their support to the movement nationally, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, publisher of the weekly, peer-reviewed scientific journal Science.

Michael Monn GS, who studies in the School of Engineering, is helping to organize a group of students who will attend the march in Boston. The Forum program's state editorial board, which operates as "think tanks", operates in several states, including Ohio.

Cornell Professors to Participate in March for Science