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United Kingdom parliament votes in favour of early election

20 Avril 2017

Mrs May's motion for a General Election on June 8 was being put to the House of Commons today and requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

Our average of ten recent opinion polls puts the Conservatives on 42.8 per cent, Labour on 26.7 per cent, the Liberal Democrats on 11 per cent and UKIP on 9.6 per cent.

United Kingdom network ITV has already pledged to hold an election debate, with or without the current prime minister. "Why should anyone believe a word they say over the next seven weeks?" he said.

British PM Theresa May says an early election is in the country's national interest and will strengthen its hand in Brexit negotiations.

The announcement marked a U-turn for May, who had repeatedly said she would not seek an early vote.

Its most likely recipients will be Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates, although Miller has not ruled out helping independents and even Conservative candidates who will oppose the government on an unfavourable Brexit deal.

Several Labour MPs have already announced they will not contest their seats, including veteran frontbencher Alan Johnson.

"There isn't time to organise a formal progressive alliance", she said.

The stronger pound helped to push down Britain's main share index, which was headed for the biggest one-day drop since June 27, days after Britain voted to leave the EU.

May, 60, had stunned her allies as well as opponents when she called for a snap poll yesterday.

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Since triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on March 29, May had been mulling the arguments in favor of a early vote before coming to a final decision-during a walking holiday with her husband-that it would be too much of a headache to have an election looming as negotiations conclude.

Though May has been cautious in detailing her Brexit aspirations, traders think a big victory for her in the election could give her ammunition in dealing with those within her own Conservative Party who are urging a complete, "hard" divorce from the European Union - even if that means new tariffs and an exclusion from the bloc's huge single market.

"They want to unite together to divide our country and we will not let them do it".

"Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit".

Because she was not leading the Conservative Party at the time of the last general election, she has no personal mandate as leader.

Assuming a uniform swing, with voters switching from Labour to Conservative at roughly the same rate across the country, the Tories would gain 44 seats from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party.

Speaking to The Sun, Mrs May said: "What I hope comes out of the election is support from the public to say we agree with their plan for Brexit, so that when I go into Europe I've got that backing of the British people". "The election gives the British people the chance to change direction".

Calling an early election was a "smart move", says Nicholas Wapshott in NewsWeek.

"We have strongly opposed numerous hard right policies they are pursuing and it is absolutely essential we continue to offer that opposition and articulate a different approach".

He adds: "As the Remain coalition tends to vote more frequently than any other, a low poll could advantage the Liberal Democrats". Pro-Europeans will undoubtedly see it as an opportunity to stage a second vote that can be taken as overthrowing last year's Brexit result.

United Kingdom parliament votes in favour of early election