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Tillerson: US concerned Venezuela not allowing opposition to be heard

20 Avril 2017

Six people have already died during the protests, including one 17-year-old boy who was shot in the head. There were no other details immediately available. Over 400 people were arrested during protests on Wednesday, rights group Penal Forum said.

The demonstrations erupted after the Venezuelan Supreme Court's March 30 announcement that it would strip the opposition-controlled National Assembly of its legislative powers. Snaking grocery lines are now a common sight and people routinely say they skip meals and can not find basic medication.

A demonstrator throws back a tear gas grenade while clashing with riot police during the so-called "mother of all marches" against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela Apr 19, 2017. "When they took the young man to (a nearby clinic), the government supporters left".

The Supreme Court reversed the decisions amid mounting worldwide pressure and after the Venezuelan Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called the decisions "a rupture of the constitutional order". The opposition denies that assertion, saying it is Maduro himself who is responsible for Venezuela's woes, including triple-digit inflation, rising crime and food shortages.

Opponents are pushing for Maduro's removal through early elections and the release of scores of political prisoners.

Marchers in the opposition demonstration in Caracas included Liliana Machuca, who earns about $20 a month holding two jobs teaching literature.

Machuca said during Wednesday's march says she doesn't expect change overnight, but believes that protesting is her only option after all the abuses she says have been committed by the government. "We know there are groups interested in selling the world a country in chaos, Henrique Capriles has said in an irresponsible manner that the government is guilty of these deaths and therefore will have to prove these serious allegations in court".

Nicolas Maduro has been careful not to antagonise the new USA president, but the Trump administration has recently stepped up criticism of Venezuela's government.

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They included state workers like Leidy Marquez, who was bused in from Tachira state on the other side of teh country.

Venezuela has now seen weeks of clashes between demonstrators and the police. As of last week, five protesters - including a 13-year-old boy - had died of injuries suffered in fights with riot police. And late Tuesday night, he said late that he was activating a military plan to defeat what he alleged was a right-wing coup attempt.

Foreign governments are also warning about the increasingly bellicose rhetoric coming from the government.

"We need to face a critical situation, we are in a country that is collapsing", farmer Omar Leal told Al Jazeera.

General Motors announced that it will immediately cease operations in Venezuela after its assets were seized by public authorities.

The president in turn has urged his supporters, the military and civilian militias to defend the socialist "Bolivarian revolution" launched by his predecessor Hugo Chavez in 1999.

View of a mass march against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on April 19, 2017.

Local journalist Cody Weddle said the city was "really militarised" as security forces prevented protesters from reaching downtown.

Tillerson: US concerned Venezuela not allowing opposition to be heard