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Christians Advised To Proclaim Resurrection Of Jesus

20 Avril 2017

Easter Sunday brings comfort that death does not get the final say, but Jesus does and that those who die in faith of Him one day will be in His presence, said Rev. Nathan Wendorf, pastor at St. PaulLutheranChurch in Harlingen. Before you read any further, do you know the answer?

Easter is, by far, the most-attended Sunday of the year for many US churches, according to LifeWay Research, a Southern Baptist research center. Here are two I like. Something new is happening. Look at how their lives so radically changed, before now, they were hiding from even little children but right now they will shout it from roof tops that Jesus is not dead but he is alive. Second, Easter doesn't have a specific date. But Good Friday is not the end of the story.

In a statement issued Saturday by the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Rowley said the values of faith and love celebrated at Easter can help show citizens the way forward.

Easter celebrations are preceded by the 40 days of Lent, a time of abstinence and penance. But Jesus Christ, who was crucified and resurrected in the name of mankind, atoned for the original sin and opened the way into heaven for good and godly people. The greatest way we can do that is to do what the first disciples did.

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The cleric added that: "For our nation, the experiences of insecurity, economic pains and various other challenges we had faced are the seemingly hopeless pre-Sabbath painful challenges, and a glorious dawn will soon emerge as the Lord, through his power of resurrection acts in our favour..."

I pray and hope that for all of us, this Easter has been a time, and will continue to be a time, in which we can share the joy of Christ's resurrection that brings salvation, hope, peace and eternal life to all who believe in Him. Coming together as a community, we invite you to join us during this Holy season when our Lord speaks to us and sets us on our journey.

"We are an Easter people!"

"Though that is a simple example, it speaks to the intuition of women and why we need to protect our little girls in the society, so that they can be nurtured to fulfil their role that God has given them in this world", Reverend Rogers preached.

Christians Advised To Proclaim Resurrection Of Jesus