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Sex Drug Listed as Possible Cause for George Michael's Death

24 Janvier 2017

"It is 100 percent he would have chems on Christmas Eve before his death".

"He was incredibly sexually active", Paul went on to say.

Stag said. "My belief is he didn't separate that until the day he died".

I saw him collapse many, many times. "He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house".

Paul said George once offered him £200 just to deliver the drug order without a sex session.

Stag added that he supplied the drugs because he didn't want Michael to turn to somebody less trustworthy.

He described that George would message him the code word "champagne" to order the drug, and then they would meet up to take a hit and then have sex. However, it has led users to fall into a coma, and it is said to be very easy to overdose on the drug. Odourless and colourless, it is also linked to feelings of euphoria.

Sophie Marceau endeuillée : sa mère est décédée
Son décès est survenu juste avant les fêtes de fin d'année, après une longue lutte contre la maladie. L'actrice a perdu "la femme la plus merveilleuse du monde", sa maman.

Claims George was hooked on a sex liquid.

GHB was first used as a central nervous system depressant to treat sleep disorders, promote fat reduction and muscle development, until it was banned for sale as a supplement in the USA by the Food and Drug Administration.

GHB is actually a sleeping drug, which has also been involved in a number of rape cases, as it can be added to someone's drink without them realising.

Police are awaiting toxicology test results.

Andros told The Victoria Dervyshire Show that "hard drugs had been back in his life" but denied he had committed suicide.

Georgiou says he wishes to get to the bottom of this whole matter and find out once and for all what drugs were in his system, and who gave it to the pop star. Because he was not on them. It was nearly as if I was delivering flowers to him so I didn't feel dirty about it'.